Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, Dong Zhuo hardware factory, specializing in the production of metal wire class technology products, iron wood products, wire knitting products, shelves, kitchen, bathroom rack series.
       The factory is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Duruan town. The factory is located conveniently located near the north and south two more high-speed road 1 km.
       Factory main products are classified; kitchen utensils dish rack series; a variety of draining dish rack, cutlery blue, blades racks. Bathroom series; Coat hook series, bathroom Cradle, corner shelves, soap holder, towel rack, on dozens of products. Product Score: electroplating, dip, spray, stainless steel, etc. for any demand, product development and modern household goods together!
      "Customer credibility of the first" principle of service is Dong Zhuo, promote unity and hard work, pioneering spirit "is Dong Zhuo's entrepreneurial spirit, excellent facilities, superb technology and strict management, the quality standards of products and services to international markets the level!
According to the desire of mutual benefit, warmly welcome our customers in the provisional letter calls or negotiations, to create a prosperous future.

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